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As a quick note, I'd like to say that things at the BJ's bakery have been easy as cake (no pun intended) so far. I know basic cake decorating skills, how to bake cookies, how to bag a bunch of pastries and breads, and other stuff. I have to stand up for my whole shift but other than that it's not hard. All my co-workers are nice except for this one attention-wanting-whiny-probably-bipolar-and-needs-medication lady. But I probably won't have to work with her much, I think she's mostly a night person.
With that note out of the way, I'm now working hard on pre-Anthrocon projects whe I'm not at BJ's. I have some twelve art pieces to finish for the show, and I've also been given the task of repairing a fursuit for a friend. Nothing too hard, but both projects take self-management which I feel I'm getting better at. I'm not going ot Anthrocon this year, what with my new job and needing the money to move out. But next year Sam, rapidtrabbit and I plan on attending. I hope to make it very profitable. 
JEG project is also taking shape. I don't want to give out too much information at the risk of hyping anyone up with something that doesn't deserve hype. It's essentially a project of projects that will require a lot of help form friends. This will be my first time making a real attempt to manage other people on a project, so we'll see how it works out. ETA on that thing is October this year.
Tonight I'm going out to Applebees with witchiebunny for trivia night with her friends. I promised I'd buy her dinner in exchange for her acting as my agent at the Anthrocon art show. You know, since I won't be there to hang stuff up myself. I've never been to an Applebees before, but I honestly don't expect much from the restaurant itself. I'm sure I'll have fun regardless of the mundane chain food.
How have you all been? I'm trying to improve my listening skills. Managers need those, you know. =]
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As it goes

I've been up to a lot lately!

The weekend of the 7th and 8th were spent in NYC where I visited some friends and then mascotted in the Easter Parade with rapidtrabbit while wearing my blue bunny rental costume. I was pretty much stopped every two seconds for a photograph by someone. There were a lot of foreign tourists, too! Giant event. I also became an honorary rapid transit rabbit after riding the subway in costume from Central Park back to 23rd street where the car was parked. Fun times! I'll surely do this every year once I move to NYC.

I also got finished with the 27th Annual DooDah Parade this past weekend. That was fun, too, but was also a lot of work. I'm sure most of you know how herding furries goes sometimes, haha. All things considered it went pretty smoothly. Looking forward to making ne

Now I'm back here at home for a couple months. I'll probably go to Philly a couple times and maybe one day trip to NYC in these months but other than that I don't have any major traveling planned. I have lots of time to work on comics and puppets and finish renovating my shop and getting some rhinoplasty done. Scheduled to finally get my deviated septum corrected on the 2nd of May. After it fully heals I can finally get it pierced, hahaha.

All is well, though. I'm looking forward to having time to sit still and work on things. I'll take care to use the time wisely. =]
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Week in Review

This has been a pretty good week so far!

On Moday, a friend and I traveled via SEPTA Regional Rail and BOLTBus to Midtown Manhattan to help/watch rapidtrabbit do a taping of two episodes of his show. I also had the pleasure of meeting Willy, his friend and co-host of I don't know how many years. Can you believe he's been doing this show for 29 years? Amazing! I look forward to helping keeping the show running for many years longer We had lunch at Schnipper's and dinner at Gyro II, both of which provided leftovers which I ate the next day for lunch.

Valentine's Day! I had a nice Valentine's Day. =] Sam and I woke up pretty late and I made heart-shaped pink pancakes with eggs and sausage for brunch. Sam gave me flowers <3 That was followed by gratuitous snuggling which was then followed by lunch which was then followed by dinner at Stewart's Brewning Co. here in Bear. Sam surprised me even further with Steve Jobs' biography, which I had wanted for my birthday but didn't get. We've been reading it bit by bit together every night. He's so sweet <3

Yesterday I drew some things for the Rapid T. Rabbit 29th anniversary show, which I still need to color. I almost had it scanned when my little brother plugged in his faulty laptop charger which proceeded to explode, cutting off the power to both our rooms. Nothing caught fire, though! Today it's a back-in-the-shop day for Sam and I. He's been progressively carving a head while I'm finishing one and sewing paw gloves and junk like that. I'm sure glad I have a significant other who's ready and willing to do the same thing I do, and who enjoys it! We make a pretty good team. =]

Next week I'll be back in NYC to escort Rapid T. Rabbit around the USS Intrepid for Puppet Day, just as I did last year. Still have a bit of prep work to for that event. Busy busy busy!

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'Cross the States and Home Again

 Comic-Con was a blast! Very tiring, as one of my recent entries can attest, but it was indeed fun and I'm already looking forward to next year.  I'm very proud of the fact that I flew out there and back by myself. I'm growing very independent indeed.

I don't know about you guys, but my favorite part of vacations is coming home. i guess being away makes me appreciate it more or something. Yeah, that sounds about right. Feeling miserable on vacation (like I did a few times) is simply the worst. You feel cold and alone. But when you're at home it takes the sting out of it.

And now life returns to normal. Kinda sorta. I've been making (or trying to) a lot of personal changes, so my life isn't really normal in the sense that it used to be. Soul-searchy type stuff, only not quite that dramatic and soap opera-y. I'm doing my best to focus on my business and try some new things to keep myself occupied. Looking forward to starting up classes again in a month, too. I think this is the first summer that's ever caused me to miss being in school.

There's probably some other stuff I could be typing about, but I kind of don't want to. Or my brain's being lazy, haha.

Night, everyone.