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JEG things

Oh damn, have I really not journaled anything since July? Shit. I swear I keep opening this window to type something but I always end up going to bed before I do.

In brief, Sam and my first month and some change in our apartment is going just fine. No missed payments, no financial issues of any sort, no angst or drama. I think were one of the most functional couples we know, which is pretty sad when we think about it. We're very happy to have our own space.

And now, work-related news!

Mystery Board Game

A few friends, Sam and I have been working on developing a simple, strategy board game for the past two months. I'm not telling you the name cause that'd totally spoil it! It's coming along well, though. Still have to develop two more modes of play, iron out details, have other people play test it and then I get to desing the art! Also have to find someone to manufacture it. Scheduled release is first quarter next year.

Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends

NYC bunnies! rapidtrabbit and I have been working together on his show for a while now. Next year marks his 30th anniversary! Can you believe that? We're working hashing out a new version of his show for next year. I have to build new puppets and we have to write up new scrips and junk like that. Excite! I'll likely be travelling New York-wards even more than I currently do in the near future.


In general I'm expanding my business. Bringing new people into my dream and getting help will likely be the key to my (and their) success. I can't do everything by myself! I'm doing my best to be a good manager. That's what's most important to me. I want the members of my teams to be happy with what they're doing. One day my company will be the one everyone wants to work for because we're nice to our employees and don't walk all over them. That's how it should be.

I hope you've all been well! 
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Stream of Consciousness Blogging #2

San Diego Comic-Con was fun like always. I'm looking forward to going again next year! Pricey, but worth it to me. I'm going to have to really work hard and save up if I want to go to both SDCC and Anthrocon next year. They're essentially back to back.

The Monday after I got back (last Monday) Sam and I did our grocery shopping and officially moved out of my parents' house. It feels very good so far. I have this sense of responsibility and ownership (rentership?) that I didn't have before. It hasn't changed our relationship for the worse at all. Sam and I had already been living together in my folks' place for a bit over a year, so we're more than familiar with each other's quirks. It's very nice to wake up in bed every morning next to him. I love our relationship. It's something I never dreamed of having growing up. I always thought of myself as less-than-pretty, so it feels good to have someone who loves and appreciate me the way Sam does. Never thought I'd find that this early in life.

Already having been pretty independent before I moved out, I feel that not much adjustment has been needed. There are still lots of things I need to buy for this place, but it's fairly homey right now. Well, considering we've only been here for a week and a half. I still go back to my parents' house a couple days a week to work on sewing projects in the basement. Sam helps out, too.

Really planning for the future. I received a $500 pain and suffering settlement check in regards to last year's car accident. I wasn't hurt but I did miss a couple days of work and had to go to my spine doctor to make sure I was okay. Most of that check went to savings. I want to put half of the Anthrocon art show check I should be getting next week into savings. I need to save for a vehicle of my own, and need to save up to raise capital for my next venture. Excited about that.

This thing is getting a little tl;dr, so I'm going to stop thinking and go to bed now.

Moving updates!

Sam and I were approved for the apartment, pending background check. But neither of us have committed a criminal offense so we're all good on that end. Sam's going to drop off the security deposit on Monday. Hooray! After that I'll slowly begin packing up my room, and in the coming weeks we'll but various housewares and furniture. 

I'm surprisingly chill about this whole thing. Once the bills start rolling in I'll probably be all "WHY DID I DO THIS" but then I'll get used to it. Excited! My mom is pretty happy for me, too. Haven't told my dad (who's never home) yet. If it were up to him we'd all live in this house together forever. But I need to start out on my own sooner rather than later. Growing up!

Here's another story for you all:

This morning I was emailing the ladies at Mainstay Publishing in regards to having my monthly paycheck from them sent. I told them my address was 132 [my street name here] in Bear. One of the ladies (the writer) then told me that she used to live at 134 [my street name here], right next door! I think she was already out of high school when we moved here 15 years ago, because she looks to be in her early 30s now. Her parents had divorced six or so years ago, and I told her than when her mom moved out of the house she gave us some old, retro board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. They used to be hers.

So I'm illustrating a book for my former next-door neighbor. 

Small world.
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Me writing an entry just to be writing an entry

My gig with Mr. rapidtrabbit on the USS Intrepid went well! You can read his recap of the event here: http://rapidtrabbit.livejournal.com/712888.html Travel travel travel. I traveled to NYC twice last month. Next week I'll be traveling to Atlanta for FWA. Next month I'll be traveling to Ocean City, NJ for the DooDah parade. Then I get to stay put for a while. =]
Things are going well for me so far. Getting a lot of work projects done, business is good. I'm also trying to make time for art. Not just the things I owe people, but things of my own. I still want to be a webcomic artist but it takes a lot of time and effort. It's not necessarily that I don't have the time, it's just that I don't maximize it, or something like that.

Sam and I are doing well as usual. We've finally found an affordable and pet-friendly and not-in-a-shithole apartment complex to move to. We just need to secure steady income (and save a bit of money) to make sure we can afford it. It's not far away, so I can come back to my parents place to work on costumes easily. I plan on keeping my workshop in their basement, it would make the apartment cramped! So things are good on that end. I hope to move by the end of the summer.

Not sure what else to tell you, really. I gained 8 pounds and am still trying to lose them and I feel sleepy more often than I should. Blah blah blah.

I think that's it.
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Week in Review

This has been a pretty good week so far!

On Moday, a friend and I traveled via SEPTA Regional Rail and BOLTBus to Midtown Manhattan to help/watch rapidtrabbit do a taping of two episodes of his show. I also had the pleasure of meeting Willy, his friend and co-host of I don't know how many years. Can you believe he's been doing this show for 29 years? Amazing! I look forward to helping keeping the show running for many years longer We had lunch at Schnipper's and dinner at Gyro II, both of which provided leftovers which I ate the next day for lunch.

Valentine's Day! I had a nice Valentine's Day. =] Sam and I woke up pretty late and I made heart-shaped pink pancakes with eggs and sausage for brunch. Sam gave me flowers <3 That was followed by gratuitous snuggling which was then followed by lunch which was then followed by dinner at Stewart's Brewning Co. here in Bear. Sam surprised me even further with Steve Jobs' biography, which I had wanted for my birthday but didn't get. We've been reading it bit by bit together every night. He's so sweet <3

Yesterday I drew some things for the Rapid T. Rabbit 29th anniversary show, which I still need to color. I almost had it scanned when my little brother plugged in his faulty laptop charger which proceeded to explode, cutting off the power to both our rooms. Nothing caught fire, though! Today it's a back-in-the-shop day for Sam and I. He's been progressively carving a head while I'm finishing one and sewing paw gloves and junk like that. I'm sure glad I have a significant other who's ready and willing to do the same thing I do, and who enjoys it! We make a pretty good team. =]

Next week I'll be back in NYC to escort Rapid T. Rabbit around the USS Intrepid for Puppet Day, just as I did last year. Still have a bit of prep work to for that event. Busy busy busy!

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Blahblahblah New Year's

My new year's eve was pretty uneventful. I had a headache so right after the ball dropped I went to bed. My family was all together, minus Sam. He ran away to that Furstivus thing on Thursday and won't be back til tomorrow morning, even though I was fairly certain he was coming back today. So he spent the extra day after the convention ended with people he pretty much sees every month anyway and I haven't been able to spend any of the holiday with him. Ugh, whatever. It's a stupid holiday anyway. Just a dumb reason to get drunk. I decided to say "Fuck it, I'm going to have my own fun and go see Adventures of Tintin." And I did! It was a good movie. Kind of wish I didn't have to see it in 3D, but there's only one 2D showing a day and it's at 11:20am. Fuckin' Regal.

I didn't really write any resolutions/goals. I should, though. This year I'm going to delegate more. Between MicroMascots, Jackalope Hollow, my graphic design work and my various other projects I can't keep it all up by myself. Sam says he wants to do what I do so I'm gonna make him get of his ass and do stuff. I'd like to try to get a costuming apprentice again this year, hopefully one that will stick with me. That's going to take some careful planning, though, so we'll see what happens. I'd also like to start another business before the year's over. We'll see where that goes, too. After two years of MicroMascots I feel that my business skills are improving. I don't have the crazy drive and determination that entrepreneurs should have, but I'm hoping to find it somehow.
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Of Christmas and Birthdays

Christmas was great! My family's been going through some financial crap lately, but I'm glad my mom still managed to pull it off. Here's a list of the things I got, since all the cool kids are doing it:
  • a Gobo "Fraggle Rock" hat
  • several pairs of gloves, along with a scarf and hat
  • an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush
  • a big jar of Nutella, homemade cookies and peanut brittle
  • several books
  • a lava lamp
  • a new winter coat
  • and a bunch of other small things
My aunts, uncle and grandparents came over for dinner. Unfortunatley both my brother and dad had to go to work for most of the day, so we started dinenr early in the day. It was about the same as any other Christmas, but I still enjoyed myself very much.

Yesterday was Sam's birthday. He's 22 now! We went down to Dover so he could buy some new hats and patches for his jacket. Then we played Magic: The Gathering at a gaming shop with a friend for a bit. I kind of got the hang of it. Then we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, after which we watched "Akira" at the friend's house where we spent the night. It was a good day.

Now I'm home and back to work! I've some new costme commissions that need working on, not to mention my year-end accounting. I enjoyed my personal holiday break. =]
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Movin' on Out

  I've decided that I want to move out of my parents' place. For real. Living in your parents house with your boyfriend isn't the best thing ever. Not bad but not best. And when you're parents don't particularly enjoy living with grown adults all that much the feelings are mutual, heh. Also if your dad threatens to put you out over something it's probably a cue to think about packing up at your own free will while you have the chance.

  Independent living is expensive but I'm being realistic about it up front so I don't end up being blindsided. Y'know, like those people who move out and suddenly realize they have money for their rent and their car but not food. I think I'm budgeting right. With my job, Sam's GI Bill benefits (which pays more than I get paid), and my business I think we'd be fine as long as we're not dumb and blow all our money on stupid shit. And if we have some rainy day money saved up in the unfortunate event that his car explodes or something.

  I think actually finding an affordable, dog-friendly, not-shitty apartment in decent proximity to the things we need will be the hardest part of moving out. I've started my search and will continue looking throughout the month. Any of you locals have suggestions? I'm hoping to get a one-bedroom for $850 or less. What I REALLY want is a roommate in a two-bedroom, as that would probably take some of the edge off our bills if the right roommate and the right property was involved. But I'd rather make sure we get something we can afford on our own in case the roommate can't pay, or if we don't find one at all. Just to be on the safe side.

  So yes. Lots of planning and plotting is afoot in addition to all the things I'm already up to. It's a somewhat scary leap, but if I take my time, plan it properly, and plan a back-up properly, I think I'll be just fine. It's an exciting thing. =]

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Jessventures in Delaware

I gotta tell you, Delaware is hella boring. Having been here for 14 years, day to day living is starting to wear on me. Tonight was one of the less sucky nights out, though. It started with getting my eyebrows waxed all pretty like at Jenny's Nails, my go-to place for eyebrow waxing. They look so nice! Then I took our seemignly broken copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl next door to GamerDoc to get it resurfaced, but apparently there was nothing really wrong with it. I did get to play Super Mario Bros. 3 for a hot minute while I waited, though. But it's not like I don't have it at home.
After that I trekked across the highway to K-Mart (I know, gross, right?) to pick up some gum for my dad (he chews lots of gum) and some popcorn kernels. Funny, though. They had every variety of microwave popcorn, even butter-flavored oil to pop kernels, but not the kernels themselves. K-Mart blows. After leaving K-Mart I went to the Bear Library for a good three-ish hours. Read a book about remarkable marketing, a book about parakeet care, and a book about de-cluttering your home and not being a pack rat. Theeen after that I went to Food Lion to get some really for real popcorn kernels. Then I went home and made kettle corn. Yum.
In other news, I've got some more fun junk listed in Jackalope Hollow, my Etsy shop. Yay! You guys should check it out if'n you don't mind! I plan on putting some stuff on sale for Small Business Saturday at the end of the week, so keep an eye out for that. Now Imma get on making a custom jessdogs phone charm for someone.

Also, I picked Sam up from the airport this morning. He's very happy to be home, and I'm just as happy to have him back after he's been away in Florida for the past week. And today marks two years since we first kissed. Not exactly a relationship anniversary, but I still think it's important. Boy, does time fly. Even though we've been through some stuff, I feel very fortunate to have him, and look forward to many more years together <3