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Of Christmas and Birthdays

Christmas was great! My family's been going through some financial crap lately, but I'm glad my mom still managed to pull it off. Here's a list of the things I got, since all the cool kids are doing it:
  • a Gobo "Fraggle Rock" hat
  • several pairs of gloves, along with a scarf and hat
  • an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush
  • a big jar of Nutella, homemade cookies and peanut brittle
  • several books
  • a lava lamp
  • a new winter coat
  • and a bunch of other small things
My aunts, uncle and grandparents came over for dinner. Unfortunatley both my brother and dad had to go to work for most of the day, so we started dinenr early in the day. It was about the same as any other Christmas, but I still enjoyed myself very much.

Yesterday was Sam's birthday. He's 22 now! We went down to Dover so he could buy some new hats and patches for his jacket. Then we played Magic: The Gathering at a gaming shop with a friend for a bit. I kind of got the hang of it. Then we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, after which we watched "Akira" at the friend's house where we spent the night. It was a good day.

Now I'm home and back to work! I've some new costme commissions that need working on, not to mention my year-end accounting. I enjoyed my personal holiday break. =]
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Return of the Christmas Cards!

I'd like to make Christmas Cards for people again this year!
As with last year, they're free, but if you don't mind I'd like a certain something in return. I would like an envelope mailed to me, posted with any stamp that ISN'T a Liberty Bell forever stamp. Why, you ask? Because I'm a philatelist! A stamp collector. =] You don't have to put anything in the envelope if you don't want to, but if you could send me a stamp that'd be mighty kind. I'll be sure to put your name next to it in my stamp album when it's mounted. Again, you don't have to do this to get a card, but it'd be nice if you did <3
So leave your address for a card! Comments are screened, so no one will see your address but me. If you want my address, email me at jackalope jess AT gmail DOT com. I don't want to post it publicly, but I don't want to friends-lock the entry either. Cards for everyone!
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Christmas Cards

 If anyone wants a completely free hand-drawn Christmas card from me leave me your address down yonder. Comments are screened, of course. I'll do my best to honor all requests but don't get mad if I can't finish them all. D=

I'm currently starting to buy/make all the presents I have planned for people. Only 23 days left to go!
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Christmas Cookies

Hey guys! This is something I wanted to do last year, but never had a chance to. I'd like to bake Christmas Cookies (or Non-Secular Holiday biscuits XD) for all my friends and mail them out! :3  I checked the postal service website, and cookies can be mailed to most countries, but you'll have to let me know where you live so I can make sure. So, anyone want some cookies?

You will get:
- a card (one of three designs drawn by me; you'll get the choice when they're designed)
-a nice, handwritten message
-five or so decorated, bone-shaped sugar cookies
-no charge! It's free! :D

I will update this post later with the card designs. If you would like some holiday cheer, let me know! It feels good to do something nice for a change. :)
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Well, that was fun. :)

I pretty much got everything I wanted for Christmas, including a cool HTF shirt, the new DVD, and the Sofawolf Fursuit Calendar. Not sure where I'm gonna hang it though. I hope all my friends had fun as well. And, um, yeah. I completely forgot all the extra details and other stuff I was gonna write, but ah well. If it was really important I would've remembered.