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wiped out


So yesterday I was working on insulating the garage doors and walls. On the doors I was putting in a new vinyl bottom seal, but it wouldn't fit properly so I had to kind of glue it to get it to work. This involved clamps which held the door slightly ajar all day while the glue dried. You know, 'cause you can't close the door completely if there are clamps on the bottom. I closed the door when I got home from work that night.

This morning I went back in the garage to glue another section of the vinyl, and re-clamped the door. As I turned to go back in the house a fuzzy shadow moved. And I froze in shock because a bushy-tailed black cat was staring at me with shiny yellow eyes. He'd been in the garage all night, apparently.

And I was like .__.

And the cat was like =o_o=

And I was like .___.;

And the cat was like =o_o=

And then he sauntered past me, crawled under the ajar door, stretched, rubbed his head against the door and left. No hello, no angry yowl, no thanks for the room. Nothing.

Cats are weird.