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Jackalope Hollow

Jess Hillard's Online Journal for All to Read

Jess Hillard
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My name is Jess. I like to draw. I also like to sew and craft and write and even collect stamps. I love to let my imagination roam free, so I'm into a lot of different stuff. I like tout les sortes of music, dancing in rave-type scenes, drawing, building stuff, painting, DIY home projects, and more things than I can stick a shake at (and it's a really big stick, too). I enjoy traveling wherever, visiting attractions, attending conventions (comic book, furry, anime etc.), and spending time with my friends.

So, I guess I'm gaming, artsy, furry, anime junkie, do-it-yourselfer, entrepreneur type-person. The only thing I can think that I don't like are comic-book superheroes. . . . I never got into them, okay? Sue me.

I'm not all geek, though. I'm smart, or so I think, and am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Multimedia Design, which I then hope to upgrade into an MBA. I eventually want to own a down-to-Earth media conglomerate. Sorta like Disney, but better, I guess. With all sorts of cool junk being produced by cool people on a daily basis. I currently own a costume-making business (www.micromascots.com) and have more planned. Serial entrepreneurship is he course I want to take with my life, but there's still a long way for me to go. I am but a 21-year-old, and still learning the ins and outs of life, relationships, and the like, so please bear with me.

So, if you dare, feel free to friend me or read my stuff whenever, I almost never make friends-only posts. I don't feel it's necessary, really. Three cookies thanks, and see ya!