Jess Hillard (jackalopejess) wrote,
Jess Hillard

On the up and up

So a lot of things have gone well lately!

rapidtrabbit, Sam, my brother Brent and my friend non timbo mala and I successfully completed a short entertainment gig at the NKF Wilmington Kidney walk last Sunday. Here's a photo! It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing more events like this very soon! Business is fun <3

I'm very much enjoying my new job at Domino's. I'm not there very often (which is the way I want it), the job is easy, my coworkers are great and my manager works just as hard as everyone else does. And that's the way it should be! I get less hours than I did at BJ's but I'm okay with that. More time to get my ass in gear business-wise. The Etsy holiday season is almost upon us and Sam and I are looking forward to it!

Speaking of new jobs and Sam, Sam just got a new job! He accepted the offer letter today for a warehousing position at Harbor Freight Tools (the one we live right behind). I'm so happy for him <3 This month the VA has been giving him problems in getting his usual housing payment, but luckily his bank was able to work with him so he could pay his bills. The new job will provide him with even more financial security. We're going to Denny's to celebrate soon!

I'll be finished with the book next week, so looking forward to having that done. I'll be able to be swamped by something else instead! Hahaha. Very happy with where my life is right now. =]
Tags: business, job, life

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