Jess Hillard (jackalopejess) wrote,
Jess Hillard

Gold and Splints

Yesterday my grandparents (on my mom's side) celebrated their golden 50th wedding anniversary. We surprised them with lovely decorations, a nice dinner and a photo slideshow that my uncle put together for them. It was wonderful. Not many people stay married even half that long these days, it seems! I'm glad they're still together and in good health. Everyone took turns thanking them for all they've done for us. My dad's mother doesn't recognize our existence as grandkids, and his dad died ten yeras ago (he did do some stuff for us, but he was 9hrs away, so...). My grandparents are the best grandparents.


In alternate news, my job is giving me health problems. I've been the only one decorating a boatload of cakes on Saturdays for the past three weeks. The continual squeezing of icing piping bags has been causing me pain that shoots from my wrist to my forearm and back. I called in sick and went to a doctor today and they gave me a wrist splint, prescription for a painkiller, and a light duty note instrucing my employer to lighten my workload for a week. I need to give it directly to my manager tomorrow because I feel like they'll be assholes and "magically" lose it if I leave it in the manager mailbox. Hopefully they regard it. I can't have carpal tunnel. I need to be able to draw.

Still looking for a new job. No luck yet, but I'm trying.
Tags: family, health

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