Jess Hillard (jackalopejess) wrote,
Jess Hillard

Not quite overwhelmed, but close

Temporarily changed my LJ layout. When I'm feeling more inclined I'll rummage through my options and fine something I really like. But for now, this will do.

I have a lot of stuff to do, oh my goodness. I haven't taken on any more new projects for the last month-and-a-half, and I won't until I finish at least half of what I'm already working on. But even that feels like it's not getting done fast enough. I hate playing catch up =[ It causes me stress and depression which makes even less get done and I feel absolutely terrible. Sam and I move all our things into the apartment next Tuesday, and then that following day I catch a flight for San Diego for Comic-Con International 2012. When I come back we'll grocery shop and begin living in our new apartment.

I'm hoping that after all this stressful moving stuff is over and done with I'll feel less pressure and things will pick back up to a decent clip. Right now I just have to do the best I can with the time I have, I suppose. I'm trying. Gee whiz, if I ever expect to be the CEO of a media conglomerate I need to get better at doing a bunch of things at once. Maybe this is just God putting me through the tutorial level, haha. Level 1 starts after I move out.

Sam and I are going to sign the lease agreement and such tomorrow. Then we're going to a medical aid unit so I can briefly get checked up. I want to make sure a tick that bit me a few weeks ago didn't give me anything, as I began feeling a tad sick at work on Saturday. I'm probably fine, but better safe than with Lyme disease.
Tags: health, life

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