December 15th, 2012

wiped out


Just now using LJ's new posting interface whatchamawhoosit. Looks less blocky, I guess. 

So! I hope everyone's been well since Thanksgiving. I've been okay, in a sense. Both MicroMascots and Jackalope Hollow's sales are slowly overcoming the inertia I mistakingly set them in, but I'm fixing that and becoming consistent in my pursuits. I'm also becoming less scatterbrained and more schedule-oriented and self-driven. These things are important for success (in my own mind anyway).

The real problem I'm facing right now is burnout. I work at my day job and work on my own creative job and am happy with the results I'm producing! But I often forget to take actual days off from both and I'm afraid it's wearing me down fast. I know I have the capability to finish everything I set out to do, but I still manage to get stressed and freak myself out. This isn't healthy in the least.

In the near future I plan on accquiring one of those whiteboard calendars to hang above my desk, and will clearly mark which days are designated as "off" on them. My creative work is the love of my life, but I really do need to take a clear break at least once a week. I think I'll be doing a lot better after that. My planned vacation-from-everything in a few weeks should do me some good as well.